Hitco’s specially designed Ceramic Flat Heaters are constructed with ceramic insulation that quickly conducts heat from the resistance wire to the sheath resulting in low internal temperatures and long heater life. Precise placement of the resistance wire provides uniform sheath temperature across the width and along the entire heated length. This comes with durable construction which is capable of sustaining high temperatures and high watt densities.


Features & Advantages:

  • High heat transfer rates and fast heat up
  • Ceramic construction for higher temperatures
  • Long life
  • Large selection of lengths, sizes and terminations
  • Low expansion characteristics
  • Distributed wattage available



  • Ovens
  • Hot Plates
  • Dies & Molds
  • Thermoforming


Product specification

Clamping & Termination

How to Order ?

Please send details to sales@hitcogroup.in or call at +91-9810008907