It is able to mold rigid fabric cup,(non stretch fabir) elastic fabric cup and space fabric etc. As it is using conical shaped moulds with adjustable molding depth, so it can mold elastic fabric to get suitable cup shape for matching the foam cup shape for stitching & sewing them together.

Merits :

Machine equipped with air cylinder pressing plates which make it convinient to contrl fabric tension. This reduces and avoid fabric pulling while molding.

Features :

  • Machine can be operating on two modes Automatic & Manual for precise molding of fabric.
  • The bullet head can be replaced freely according to the different requirements.
  • It is easy to operate and can be operate by an unskilled operator.
  • It is of time saving and has consistent molding.
  • The buttons are controlled by both hands, ensuring the production safety.
  • To direct at the specific temperature control system in the development of bra cups production, we utilize silicon controlled phase shifting triffering current to control heating. So, it can make the temperature more even and steady with remarkable energy-saving efficiency & it will prolong the heating pipe's service life.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply 240V/6.5 KW
Specification of the Heaters Installed 12*250mm*800W-240V*6 Pcs
Dimension of the mould table 500mm*300mm
Applicable material Fabric for bra and other garments
Application moulds Moulds for fabric cups (bullet head moulds)
Weight 300KG
Driving Power Pneumatic
Air Pressure Required 5-6 bar:300 KG

Standard Sizes Available:

30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 These are manufacture on high precise CNC machines to deliver best quality in end product. All moulds are made from high quality aluminium alloy. These moulds are having standard design & sizes for operating on various types of mouldings machines.

How to Order Bra Cup Moulds?

Standard Size Item Code Mould Material
30 P6204 Aluminium Alloy
32 P6205 Aluminium Alloy
34 P6206 Aluminium Alloy
36 P6207 Aluminium Alloy
38 P6208 Aluminium Alloy
40 P6209 Aluminium Alloy
42 P6210 Aluminium Alloy
44 P6211 Aluminium Alloy

Note: Bra Cup Mould consists of two plates & two Bullet Head Moulds.

Fabric Bra Cup Moulding Machine

Model No.: HE-101
Description Maker Made In
Pneumatics Janatics India
Heater Hitco India
Relays IDEC Japan
Din Rail Timers EAPL Japan
Temperature Cotroller BCH India
MCB Havells India
Model No.: HE-102
Description Maker Made In
Pneumatics SMC Japan
Heater Hitco India
Relays Omron Taiwan
Din Rail Timers Selectron Korea
Temperature Cotroller Fuji Japan
MCB L&T India
Model No.: HE-103
Description Maker Made In
Pneumatics FESTO Germany
Heater Hitco India
Relays Schebider Japan
Din Rail Timers Auronics Korea
Temperature Cotroller Selectron Korea
MCB Siemens Germany