Hitco’s thermocouple consists of two different types of metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled a voltage is produced that can interpreted by a temperature controller or display device. 
Hitco’s thermocouple are available with two types of construction: Tube & Wire and Mineral Insulated. 
The tube & wire type uses an empty stainless tube with a wire inside which has a welded tip incorporated the junction. This construction is typically used for temperatures upto 480ºC. 
The Mineral Insulated construction uses a highly compacted stainless sheath with solid conductors encased in magnesium oxide insulation. This construction offers a wider variety of diameters, allows for the sensors to be bent in the field and for temperatures upto 1200ºC.


Features & Advantages:

  • Withstands high temperatures resulting in less failures.
  • Stainless steel sheath for higher corrosion resistance.
  • Flexible lead wire available in stainless steel braid, stainless steel flexible armor or fiberglass sleeving for durability.
  • Variety of combinations possible to suit all temperature ranges.



  • Process air heating
  • Plastic Processing
  • Hot Runner Systems
  • Extrusion
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Film Blowing
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Autoclaves
  • Incubators
  • Patient Warming Systems
  • Food Processing
  • Natural Gas
  • As part of any Process Heat Control system



Product specification

Clamping & Termination

How to Order ?

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