HITCO Ice BlockMaker produces a CRYSTAL CLEAR block of ice for sculptures. A pleasure for thecarver to work with and a delightful product for your customer.

  • Theblocks of ice are frozen in a plastic liner and placed inside a cardboard box forstorage and handling.
  • Eachmachine will produce two blocks of ice every 3 – 4 days. The recommendedambient temperature for maximum productivity is 22 degrees Celsius. (Coldertemperatures can cause cracking in the blocks and much warmer temperatures mayslow the freezing cycle.)
  • Usingthe HITCO Carving Block Hoist & Tilt Cart, two blocks of ice can be removedand the machine refilled within 30 minutes or less, by one person.
  • Forspecial effects, freezing flowers, wedding vows, or just about anything imaginableinto the block of ice.
  • Createa colored block of ice by using a food coloring mixture.
  • Astainless steel lifter plate is frozen approximately 1mm thick into each end ofthe block to help lift the finished block from the chamber.
  • Apump circulates the water to keep impurities from freezing into the block of ice.Excess water and impurities are removed from the top of the block prior toharvesting by use of a common wet and dry vacuum. Proper placement of the pumpis critical to the clarity of the ice. Each day of the freezing cycle, the positionof the pump must be changed for continued ice clarity.


Colour: White
Freeze Time: 3-4 days


Width: Length: Height:
31 inch. 47.5 inch. 37 inch.

Ice TankDimensions

Width: Length: Height:
500 mm. 1000 mm. 300 mm.