HE-101 Tube Rolling Machine is used for compacting elements in order to increase the density of MgO.


  • The frame of this machine is made out of steel body. The rocker die and tank are integral linear cuttng. This machine is also equipped with fine-tunning dial, automatically removing sundries devices and automatically cooling system.
  • According to the tube size and your special requirements, we have two types of motor of pinch roller for your choice. They are nonuniform speed (different speed) and uniform speed. The former makes the tube better ductility, while the later applies to the tube with large diameter.
  • When the tube specification changed, we only need to replace a set of pinch rollers. The pinch rollers can be classified into two categories: high speed steel and tungsten carbide alloy.
  • Automatically stop when clogging.
  • This machine is of smaller size, low noise, and convenient adjustments.
  • Applicable tube: Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel etc.

Technical Details

Power Supply 440V-3Phase 7.5KW
Specification of Heater Installed (OD*Length) 19.7*300mm 1500W-415V-2 Phase*4 Pcs
18.95*150mm 450-230V*2Pcs
Capacity 800pcs/hr (at motor speed of 30)
Overall Dimension [L*B*H] 2130*490*1640mm
Weight 350 K.g. (Approx)