Hitco’s specially designed and engineered Insulplus to meet the ever increasing demand for
energy conservation and to improve operations efficiency, capable of generating suitable temperature for processing resign with higher processing temperature.

Energy Conservation is achieved by using thick Ceramic fiber insulating blanket on surface. Power consumption is reduced upto 30% because of low thermal conductivity of the ceramic fibre insulation. The external surface temperature of the insulation plus band heaters are approximately 8000C
while running the inside surface temperature at 30000C.

  • SPIRAL RESISTANCE WINDING by nickel chrome 80/20 wire wide sectioned with resultant low level specific load.
  • INSULATION in high purity ceramic (STEATED) with high mechanical resistance, to the thermal shocks and high dielectricl strength.
  • STEEL TERMINAL BOX for high temperature working.
  • Casing by S.S side cover.
  • 1" thick ceramic fibre blanket
  • S.S casing
  • Aluminum reflector results is power save

Features & Advantages:

  • Especially to heat the barrels of all types of plastics processing machinery.
  • Reduction in heat loss to atmosphere.
  • Reduction in energy consumption of the machine heater upto 30%.
  • Minimum power load with Maximum heating efficiency.
  • Reduces wattage of heaters.
  • Extended life of the heaters because of reduction in heat load.
  • Increased workforce protection by reduction of the surface contact temperature by 60-70%.
  • Heater cost is recover in shorter time.
  • Asbestos free
  • Reduces Preheating time of machines.
  • Increases Productivity



  • For melting plastic granules prior to molding
  • extrusion barrel & dies
  • injection molding
  • blow molding
  • blown film co-ex lines
  • compounding
  • rubber machinery


Product specification

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION                                                 
Resistance              : +10% - 5%                                  
Wattage                : +5% - 10%                                  
Voltage                         : 220 V AC to 480 V AC       
Maximum watt Density            : 50 watt / sq. inch.                        
Maximum temp.           : 800°C
Minimum dia.              : 38 mm
Minimum width          : 25 mm
Overall thicknesses    : 12-15 mm
Width-normal               : multiple of 15 +1 mm
Std. gap between edges: 5 to 10 mm

Clamping & Termination

Clamping variations:

  • Standard Allen bolt clamping type (AB):
    Allen bolt with standard clamping system generally used on all heaters.
  • Spring loaded clamping type (ABS):
    Allen bolt with spring loaded clamping systems provides excellent grip of the heater mounted vertically.

Termination variations:

  • Ceramic terminal cover on post terminals type (CI):
    Post terminals provide optimum connection. Ceramic covers with opening for leads are screwed onto post terminal providing a convenient, economical insulator can be provided on heater length of 40 mm or more.
  • Metallic terminal box connection type (ST) :
    This attached directly to the heaters & act as safety feature by covering the terminals this can be provided on heater of length 40 mm or more with standard one metre fiber glass insulated lead wires.
  • Metallic terminal box connection type (STC):
    A customized metallic terminal box attach directly to the heater & act as a safety feature by covering the M5 SS Bolts acting as a terminal for heavy connection loads this can be provided on the length 40 mm or more with standard 1 Mt. fiber glass insulated lead wires.


How to Order ?

Please send details to sales@hitcogroup.in or call at +91-9810008907